Legal Professionals

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) & Sexual Assault (SANE) Cases

To obtain a copy of a medical forensic exam:

  • When making a legal referral for an IPV case in which a medical forensic exam has been performed, DC SAFE (DC Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment) will include this information as a standard part of the referral for pro bono legal representation.
  • The client must sign a release of information allowing you to speak with DCFNE regarding this record and to retrieve this record.
  • Contact our administrative office during business hours.

To obtain a hospital medical patient record:

  • Contact medical records at the specific hospital where the exam was performed.
  • A written signed consent from the patient is required.

To request a nurse as a fact or expert witness:

  • Contact our administrative office during business hours.
  • All subpoenas should be sent to or by mail.
  • Once you know a case is going to be in court, regardless of whether it is going to trial in a way that would require testimony by DCFNE, contact DCFNE via email or phone to inform them of the potential need for testimony on a particular day.
  • On the day of the hearing, if the negotiations fail through the attorney-negotiator process, contact DCFNE by phone to inform them that the case is going to a hearing and that they will be needed in court to testify.  Please contact DCFNE as early in the day as possible to ensure their timely arrival at the Court and include the courtroom to which DCFNE needs to report.
  • DCFNE will provide a staff member to testify regarding the record itself.  If you need the actual nurse who performed the exam to testify to the contents of the record or information shared with her during the exam, or conclusions she drew, a subpoena for that nurse will be necessary to ensure her availability prior to the hearing date.

For other DCFNE documentation for court cases:

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